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As the chart above and the brief video below show, online dating isn’t performing for people.

Sam Lawrence, the brilliant marketer who did so much to raise Jive Software’s profile during the launch and growth of their Clearspace (now ‘Social Business 3.0′) software as their CMO is launching an exciting new venture today, this time as CEO.‘Black Box Republic‘ is a new consumer oriented company ‘focused on reinventing the online relationship market’ which is emerging from stealth mode today and which also appears to have particularly good timing.

This mindset is increasingly being referred to as “sex positive”.

Personally, I wish people would call it ‘Polynesian’ since that is a prettier word, and less like Kinsey terminology. An openly sex-positive bisexual woman in San Francisco might be fairly open about her sexual attitude within her circle of similarly open friends, but more discrete in her circle of business contacts, and much more reserved when visiting her grandparents back in Des Moines.

The tech community is somewhat less repressed than the greater world, I guess.

Except Ben Kepes, who writes at Cloud Ave: As I said to the Twitterverse this afternoon, “Would anyone (especially peeps like @jeffnolan and @rww) be even mentioning Blackbox Republic if Sam Lawrence wasn’t involved?

This approach seems to me to apply sensible social policies in an organic way to police the shared space.I have very mixed feelings about the service, but it sure is interesting.[…]If this sounds like over-privileged, care-free, irresponsible promiscuity to you - then you’re probably not in the target market.(I’m not.) Many people will likely appreciate some of the site’s features, like the fact that new users are unable to view profiles of anyone but other new users until they are “vouched for” by an established user.In essence, BR will act as a trusted intermediary, brokering various sorts of communication – between individuals or groups of people – so that meetups and dates can take place in a safe way.I have not used the service yet, so I can’t speak to its UX. A final word or two: I have looked over various other posts regarding Blackbox, and I was happy to see that people are generally evenhanded.

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