Black man dating in atlanta

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Most want to club, only want money, not educated and just skanky as hell.This statement may or may not upset you but it is no defferent from your statement.

They can't even serve a cup of coffee without an attitude. After six months of living in Atlanta it has become conclusive that 99% of the black women here are absolutely deplorable in their conduct. Look i will agree that rap culture is weak as hell. As for hoes, the women who are in these trashy a$$ videos make that choice. I mean black women are making some serious strides to educate themselves and better themselves then you have black men who just aren't trying. So many are in jail, many abandon their families, all they talk about is their cock size, so many beat and murder each other. One poster made a good point in that when you think of other races of men you have more positive images but when you think of black men you have negative images and I agree, black men are to blame for this. Just when you think you have found one he's trying to play games or has a wife or a girlfriend he's not telling you about.Asian women aren't the only thing around for crying out loud!Alot of black men are saying the same thing about good black women in Atlanta.LOL If you're trying to MEET a successful black man to date here, you might want to do some searching in the forum for older (complaint) posts about the apparent availability.If you're trying to become one of them, keep in mind that just because a city has a large black population, that alone does not guarantee any form of success.

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