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The first two labels are considered "Pre-Dog" labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used.

The now famous logo appears showing a dog named Nipper looking into a phonograph and is called "His Masters Voice." The original painting was done by Francis Barraud. The 7" version was labeled "Victor Record" (this one from 1904) and the 10" version was labeled "Monarch Record."There is a type with the logo on it before this one that I do not have any examples of.

In addition, some manufacturers create low-cost generic brand labels with only the name of the product ("Cola").White label production is often used for mass-produced generic products including electronics, such as DVD players, televisions, and web applications.Some companies maintain a sub-brand for their goods, for example the same model of DVD player may be sold by Dixons as a Saisho and by Currys as a Matsui, which are brands exclusively used by those companies. It's very "Paiste" sounding, but while it's bright it is also somehow dark at the same time.Others have a favored color for the logos of 2002s.

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