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The password keeps settings from being changed by children.Questionable sites can be allowed by the parent using the password if the site is found to be acceptable. Download a free filter online or purchase software to block adult websites.Some websites could be spreading viruses, contain explicit content or even be trying to steal your personal data.While you may well be more than capable of avoiding these websites, but that doesn't stand true for every one who uses your device.

To block unacceptable sites from being seen by children, add Internet filtering software or adjust the browser settings so that adult content is not allowed.

Internet filtering is not a substitute for parental supervision, but does provide added security. On Internet Explorer click "Tools," then "Internet Options." Next, click on the "Content" tab.

Enable the "Content Advisor." Select desired settings from the "Ratings" tab.

Click the Security tab, select the administrator account and click Edit.2b. At the end of the file, you can add the addresses of websites to block.

In the pop-up, select the account again and check Full control. To do this, just add a line at the end of the file, with and then the name of the site you want to block - this will redirect the site's name to your local computer.4.

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