Bokeb kontol jumbo vs memek sempit mp5 play

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If you don't have a very defined touch, it's easy to fret the notes sharp, since they have a longer way to the fretboard. One disadvantage of high frets: they can lead to out of tune chords.

Don’t forget to check your Ethernet switches for Jumbo vs Flow Control support and recommendations – and double check your config to make sure it matches.

That said no body has ever accused me of having small or even normal size hands... Whenever it comes to refretting the Gibby I will probably keep the same size but just go with stainless.

Of course this is just my preferences, play different guitars and see what feels good to you.

To be honest, I think I like the slightly smaller frets.

I have no problem with bends and actually I find it easier to play higher notes because there is more room between frets. I can bar all 6 strings at the 12th with my thumb...

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