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For example, on a daily basis I would walk to/from the gym on Avenida San Martin and on numerous occasions I have had girls pull their cars over to talk to me (7s-8s, one time it was three flight attendants from Aerosur (they hire hot flight attendants btw)). While that isn't normally a good thing, it works out well in SC because the hot girls are very approachable and friendly.It's easy for me to meet and talk to 8s-9s there at nice clubs, restaurants and gyms.She told me that her family was from Santa Cruz the most ethnically diverse part of Bolivia.I did some research and learned that this city is where all of the beauty pageants are held and plastic surgery is extremely popular. I was only in the highlands, but yeah the lowlands, where Santa Cruz is located has women that are mestiza and white. So lowland Bolivian women will look more like the Latinas you are used to.I banged a sexy latina in the states a few years back and was surprised to learn she was Bolivian.She had more of a sultry "Colombian" look and and was nothing like the 4'10" andean women I pictured in La Paz with the bowler hats.When I walk into clubs down there I always get a lot of looks immediately upon walking in and it continues throughout the night.Any of the girls I approach are receptive and interested. I feel the USA-God effect in Santa Cruz more than anywhere else I've been in Latam (and I've spent a while in 13 Lat Am countries including Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela). Most of the girls here aren't that attractive but the hot ones are very hot.

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There are a few Brazilian clubs that I've done very well in.

It's very easy for me to hook up with 6s-7s there if that's what I'm going for.

While the overall quality in the city isn't good, I'd say the quality in the good night clubs is excellent. The streets during the day time are filled with ugly girls for the most part.

This fair is a great opportunity to walk around, talk to the models and get some numbers.

That night, a French guy from my hostel and I walked around and ended up getting about 10 numbers each and going to an after party with a group of models from a tractor company's tent.

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