Boomer woman s guide to dating

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When the conversation turns to boomer dating, boomer guys invariably get a bad rap.Some of their reputation seems deserved based on the sheer volume of boomer women’s complaints.If you’re not emotionally healthy, dating is a waste of time for you and the unfortunate woman you rope into a date. When you wake up and your ex doesn’t immediately flood into your brain, when you think about your ex and you don’t get a sinking feeling in your belly, and every painful feeling that’s trying to tell you to stay home and heal up.

After a brief marriage I became a single father to a toddler son, and like many single mothers lacked any support system.

If you’re stuck on a specific physical type, don’t date women that don’t fit your fantasy.

Seems obvious, but a female friend recently had a date with a fellow she met on a senior dating site who couldn’t grasp the obvious. After she confirmed she was still short he invited her for coffee. His first words when they met were a disparaging remark about her height.

The 10 women who attended were appropriately dressed and in good spirits.

While most of the 10 men were well attired, one fellow showed up in old shorts, a faded T-shirt stretched tightly across his belly, and flip-flops.

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