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In today's society, more than half of all marriages fail for various reasons.

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard.

Meet someone on, and your first date will revolve around kickboxing, zip lining, or ice climbing.

Head to, where nearly 1 million singles mingle each year.

When you sign up, you’ll recommend books and explain why you like each one.

We are taking international dating to the next level.

We have taken the best parts of a social networking site, and an online dating site to create a one of a kind experience for our members. Take advantage of free dating and online community using the power of voip and instant messaging to contact people of similar interests in your local area or anywhere around the world and start dating for free.

Upload photos of your four-legged friends, and make sure you share the same views on pet parenting before meeting.

Folks who use rally around common causes, making plans to, say, spend time at a soup kitchen or animal shelter.

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