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This particular market is said to have been located at No.84A, near the present crossing with Nirmal Chandra Street.It is Kolkata’s jewellery district, with a wide-ranging collection of gold and silver ornaments, with many beautifully designed and crafted stone settings.For most families a visit to Bowbazar is a must whenever there is a wedding in the family.There were several (also bahu in Bengali) markets along its course, among them Baithakkhana Bazar at Nos.155–58, where many (also bahu in Bengali) items were sold.

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The stark poverty of these people, which had been hidden throughout the year behind mud walls and tiled roofs when their numbers were less, was apparent when they converged in large numbers before the houses of the Bengali rich, looking for food and gifts on special occasions.

He was accompanied by one of his young students, a boy named Chitresh Das.

Das remembers his guru going from baiji-quarter to baiji-quarter, the burly bouncers touching his feet, mothers of baijis in their zari (gold-bordered saris) personally dressing a paan (betel leaf) for him." There used to be rules and norms, and Bowbazar was meant for the cultured rich.

There are renowned dance teachers coaching the dancing girls.

The Telegraph carried a candid report, "The Kathak master who would arrive every day in a rickshaw through the narrow alleys of Bowbazar was the famed Kathak guru Ram Narayan Mishra of the Lucknow gharana (school).

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