Boundaries for dating

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“I do not think the Bible gives a ‘position’ on dating,” I said.

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No God-chaser should want to work only for the happiness of other people – that’s a goal that turns into a dead-end in no time.One of the most refreshing ways to reboot is to go to a quiet place – it can be a bedroom, the roof, a mountaintop, or a walk around the block – and pray.Talking to God is like plugging in the charger to your soul; it needs to happen every day so you don’t run out of juice.The biblical position on dating would be to date in a holy way.“In fact, God grows people up through dating relationships in the same way that he grows them up in many other life activities. The questions are more along the lines of “Who are you in your dating and who are you becoming in your dating? ’ And a host of other issues that the Bible is very clear about.

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