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It’d be an opportunity to make a verbal contract of sorts between the father and myself. Traditionally, this kind of over a bride-to-be is done with both peoples’ parents there and I suspect in a lot of areas (especially rural places) it’s almost like a business transaction.

For Muslims especially there’s the issue of a dowry which can be money, gold and assets.

The reason for this is that it’s expected that you’ll already have a stable, secure job and an apartment to offer the girl you want to marry.

When you meet her father to request permission to see her right at the start, he’ll want to be confident that you can provide all this from the get-go.

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about myself, my plans and my intentions with the man’s daughter.This doesn’t mean that rules aren’t broken however.Premarital sex does happen in Egypt and across the Arab world in secret (sadly this puts girls’ reputations and even lives in danger).This was one of my biggest concerns while I was planning to get married to this girl – neither she nor her family spoke a word of English and my family are monolingual English speakers with no interest in foreign cultures or travel.My family criticized the hell out of me for my decision to marry this girl.

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