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Children, with their limited attention span and nonexistent information on homosexuality, will automatically assume that it's all true since parts are intuitive: Don't go with strangers.

That same year, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.The movie would have been called "Children Beware" since the dangers for boys and girls are pretty much the same. Heck, they could have even thrown in a line about gay pedophiles.Instead, they called it "Boys Beware," which by default implied that the victim's gender is important. The fact that there is good advice about strangers is what made this so dangerous.It it any wonder the suicide rate was so high among gay teens?Not only did they want to escape the pain, but many probably thought that killing themselves would prevent another kid from being molested. The new version was identical in story and narration, but it was color and multiracial.

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