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To achieve our vision of leadership through Global Talent Development, we are always looking out for creative, talented, result-oriented individuals who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel.We place great emphasis on selecting the right people and investing in their capability building and holistic development.We work with leaders who motivate us and friends who challenge us.

Various initiatives such as the Mobility Facilitation Center, Internal Job postings and diversity of our business verticals allow you to move from one business line to another, thus enriching your professional experience.

This is a reflection of the fact that at NIIT, our people are our most valued asset. NIIT is known for its innovative HR practices and has been recognized for its best-in-class, people-friendly benefits and policies.

This is the ethos you will inherit when you decide to make NIIT your career destination. Some treats for NIITians, such as a ‘Special Dating Allowance’ and ‘Happy Nappy Day’ are unique benefits and concepts that were ahead of their times.

Annual Day, the high point of our fun roster, is a ‘for NIITians, by NIITians and of NIITians’ event that echoes across our global offices.

Over the years, women NIITians have been integral to the success of the organization, playing a significant role in building and growing the company.

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