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In an iconic scene, maniacal Jack broke down their door with an axe and exclaimed: "Here's Johnny!

" An unsuspecting Dick Hallorann (Scatman Crothers) was murdered in the lobby of the hotel with an axe to the mid-section, and Wendy and Danny barely managed to escape.

The parasites were red-colored, bloody, invasive and worm-like slug-turd (or phallic-shaped, similar to grotesque male genitalia) - they would incubate in one's stomach, emerge from one's mouth, attach to one's face, and ultimately would turn infected victims in a high-rise apartment building into flesh-devouring, crazed sex maniacs and zombie-like fetishists.

Miss Forsythe (Lynn Lowry), the nurse of the Starliner's resident physician Roger St. The disease is the love of two alien kinds of creatures for each other, that even dying is an act of eroticism, that talking is sexual, that breathing is sexual, that even to physically exist is sexual. And we make love beautifully."She then opened her mouth to reveal her own parasitic infection - and was slapped into unconsciousness by St. Other inhabitants of the Starliner were making love in the hallways, and the entire complex was overtaken with copulation.

Soon after, they found Hugo's naked body, presumably dead from a drug overdose, in his locked room.

The normally-quiet, bespectacled David selected the short straw.

Soon, he was scarily transformed into an insane maniac as the film progressed, due to monetary greed.

Then with remorse, Hobbes committed suicide by slashing his own throat with the scalpel and falling to the floor.

The virus went out of control among residents of their apartment building - Annabelle was having an affair with married neighbor Nick Tudor (Allan Kolman) (who was cheating on his wife Janine Tudor (Susan Petrie)) and through him, the parasite spread.

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