Bridie carter and myles pollard dating

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Grace feels bad about what she said to Ingrid before she left.Into the Valley of the Shadow (air date: 2008-11-04) Drovers has a lot of debt and they need to shear all their sheep in one day to get them to the sale in time.After his lucky escape from the car crash, Patrick feels invincible and risks his life to prove it.Ingrid is forced to reveal a dark secret — she is on the run from an abusive husband.Snogging Frogs (air date: 2008-10-24) Tayler has a new study-buddy, Wolfgang, that Patrick doesn't approve of, causing Tayler to be angry with Patrick for not trusting her.Meanwhile, Moira tries to tell Phil that she is pregnant, but is afraid to disappoint him and ruin their life plans.

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With help from Ben, Jaz tries to figure out if Annie can stay at Drovers or whether she should show jump again.

Aftermath (air date: 2008-06-27) Kate is obsessed with proving that Riley survived the Christmas night car accident.

Grace searches for the mysterious person who saved her life in the car accident.

Meanwile, the girls at Drovers have started a baby name sweep for Wombat; Stevie begins implementing the breeding plan Alex and Nick were working on in Argentina; Grace tries to figure out what her feelings for Marcus are, after their kiss.

Dammed (air date: 2008-10-16) The girls of Drovers band together with the local community in order to stop a massive dam being built upstream; Meanwhile, Jaz is blackmailed by a pro-dam farmer; Patrick's trial run as overseer at Killarney ends in disaster.

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