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W's little game / directed by Lynn Shores (1934) -- The treasurer's report / directed by Thomas Chalmers (1928) -- Traffic regulations (1929) -- Sex life of a polyp (1928) -- Humorous flights / directed by Fred Fleck (1929) -- Crime control / produced and directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner. DVD X3301; Video/C 924 Series chronicling how comedy has defined the nation's character with commentary by film historians, comedians, writers and producers, spotlighting comedians through the generations who broke the rules to advance the genre. DVD X828 Episode one focuses on the comedy type "The misfit" and includes clips by silent film legend Harold Lloyd, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jonathan Winters, Andy Kaufman, Robin Williams, Cheech & Chong, Woody Allen and Steve Martin.Episode two focusing on television sitcoms starts with George Burns and Gracie Allen, the married couple who moved their popular radio program to television, then continues with clips from The Goldbergs (the first American sit-com), I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, All in the Family, The Cosby Show, Roseanne, Seinfeld and The Simpsons. The Dam Dog waits until the soup has been served, and then returns and drags the table cloth and all the dishes on to the floor. Different portions of the Dam Dog's body appear from all directions.The operator is made furious by Uncle Josh interrupting his show." [IMDB] 2 min. "The Whole Dam Family and The Dam Dog is a popular fad which has been widely advertised by lithographs and souvenir mailing cards, and has recently been made the subject of a sketch in a New York Vaudeville Theatre. Astonished that the girl would choose a sissy-boy over them, the two cowpokes vow eternal friendship and swear off women for good (or, at least, for now).DVD X116; DVD 7983; DVD X1752; vhs Video/C 7046 Directed by Edwin S. Cohen's advertising scheme: This is perhaps the earliest cinematic example of the Jewish stereotype known as the "scheming merchant," a familiar caricature from theater and literature. The Edison Manufacturing Co., with their usual up-to-date methods, have illustrated this popular subject in a most novel and original way in Motion Pictures. Mary Pickford, Billy Quirk and Harry Salter are starred in this one-reel trifle. "No woman has ever visited the mining community of Bear Track Gulch, so it is big news when Old Pete Griffin learns that the invalid Mr. O'Brien is eager to be accepted as part of high society, and she is hosting a fox hunt as part of her plans. But after he has his teeth fixed and she has her nose done they look great.

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Structured around repetition and reversal, the comedy shows its heroine entertaining multiple marriage proposals from different suitors, each unaware of the other. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand. "Girl Heroes." In: Comedy is a man in trouble : slapstick in American movies / Alan Dale. (Full text available online [UC Berkeley users only]; Print: Main (Gardner) Stacks; PFA PN1995.9. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Charles Chaplin, Ben Turpin, Charlotte Mineau, Leo White, Robert Bolder, Charles J. (Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only]; Print: Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1998.2 . Cast: Harry Benham, Riley Chamberlin, Mignon Anderson. Comedy featuring a down-and-out actor and funny laundry proprietor who are hired as a vaudeville act. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Ernest Van Pelt. A hobo manages to exchange Charlie's sandwich for a brick so Charlie must eat grass. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels, Monte Blue. "An Appetite for Living: Gloria Swanson, Colleen Moore, and Clara Bow." In: Idols of modernity : movie stars of the 1920s / edited by Patrice Petro. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has a mishap on the road, and is tricked out of his money by a tramp. After several instances of mistaken identity Buster finds himself in the middle of parade of policemen with a load of furniture into which is tossed an anarchist's bomb. Cast: Keaton, Rene Adore, Joe Keaton, Joe Roberts, Edward F. Buster goes to the city to prove he can succeed to his girl's father. Buster mistakenly gets a degree in electrical engineering (not botany). He is unable to conquer his cowardice until Grandma tells him of his grandfather, also a coward, who overcame his fears with the help of a magic amulet. A small town girl and would-be star wins a beauty contest through a mix-up and goes to Hollywood. An Irish girl comes to America disguised as a boy to claim a fortune left to her brother who has died. The only problem is her feuding family has vowed to kill every member of his family. When she comes to visit, he must contrive increasingly desperate (and dangerous) schemes to live up to the image he has created. Griffith's Intolerance.63 min., DVD 134 Directed by Fred C. He is imprisoned where he befriends the friendly giant, Colosso (Aasen), and they engineer an escape. Cast: Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Albert Gran, Jean Hersholt. The recptionist is an attractive woman, but -- gasp -- she removes her wig, showing that it is a man with seriously receding hair (played by William Gillespie). With the help of his one real friend Peggy, he resolves to make every possible effort to become popular." [IMDB] 76 min. Cast: Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Malcolm Waite, Georgia Hale, Henry Bergman. Fields plays the role of Eustace Mc Gargle, a carnival barker who has adopted young Sally, an orphaned waif. Special features on DVD X638: three musical scores; video tour of the authentic General; behind-the-scenes home movie footage; filmed introduction by Gloria Swanson; filmed introduction by Orson Welles; "The Buster Express": a brisk montage of train gags from throughout Keaton's career. DVD X638; copy 2: DVD 112; VHS 9 Directed by Frank Capra.

A girl looking for work pretends to be a man and helps Charlie. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Ben Lyon, Monroe Owsley, Barbara Kent, Arthur Lake. Charlie thinks he is in front of a mirror till he notices he holds a stock and his "image" the bag of loot. A young couple attempts to elope, with the bride's irate father in hot pursuit. He rescues Edna from an unwanted suitor, and after a roller skate ballet, Charlie (now as Sir Cecil Seltzer) is invited to a party at Edna's. A secretary goes from one job to another, fighting off the advances of her employers. Charlie as a street violinist falls in love only to win, lose, and regain the lady who is discovered to be wealthy. A love-smitten and reformed Charlie the Tramp becomes a policemen in the city's toughest neighborhood, and starts to clean it up. In the bittersweet end, the child's mother takes him home with her. Our tipsy hero (Lloyd) rescues the sleepwalking Davis from a building ledge, high above the street. Bertie, of all people, must come to the rescue on the trading floor. A young Cockney laundress tells her friends that she is the daughter of an archduke, who has turned her out of their mansion so that she will be loved for herself, not her money. De Mille's Sex Comedies." In: The silent cinema reader / edited by Lee Grieveson and Peter Krmer. He brings her home and happily takes care of his new family -- until the girl's husband finds her and takes her and the baby back home. Buying an antiquated movie camera, he sets out to film news events in the streets of New York so he can win a job and the girl's affection. DVD 5437; 94 Directed by Harry Langdon and Alfred de Gaetano. DVD X427 Disc 1: Caught in the rain / directed by Charlie Chaplin (1914, 14 min.) -- Laughing gas (1914, 11 min.) -- A submarine pirate (1915, 27 min.) -- Cupid's rival (1917, 28 min.) -- The bond (1918, 9 min.).

Charlie discovers her gender and falls in love with her. A society comedy set against a background of the famous Los Angeles hotels of the World War I period. "An Appetite for Living: Gloria Swanson, Colleen Moore, and Clara Bow." In: Idols of modernity : movie stars of the 1920s / edited by Patrice Petro. The train stops briefly and the young man dashes off to find a minister, but before he can get himself and the minister onto the train, it leaves, carrying his bride-to- be away. In the meantime, a society matron, who keeps losing her secretaries to marriage, places an ad for a woman who is unattractive to men. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Wallace Beery, Bobbie Vernon, and Teddy (the dog). "An Appetite for Living: Gloria Swanson, Colleen Moore, and Clara Bow." In: Idols of modernity : movie stars of the 1920s / edited by Patrice Petro. DVD 284; DVD 13 Directed by Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, writing credits: Natalie Talmadge (Keaton's wife). "Divorce, De Mille, and the comedy of remarriage." In: Classical Hollywood comedy / edited by Kristine Brunovska Karnick and Henry Jenkins. She is so desperate for love that she tells her troubles to the laundry's delivery horse. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Bebe Daniels, Thomas Meighan, Theodore Kosloff, Lucien Littlefield. Cast: Gladys Mc Connell, Harry Langdon, Helen Hayward, William Jaimison, Charles Thurston. Featuring: Charley Chaplin, Syd Chaplin, Billy West, Oliver Hardy.

For Tony's sake, the 'new' Patsy throws herself at Grace's new beau, hoping to break up the romance. She finally triumphs and becomes very vain and snooty but as she's about to marry a French count, Billy brings her to her senses with the aid of a well-aimed custard pie. Riverboat captain "Steamboat Bill"'s effete son Buster comes to see his estranged dad. When his father is arrested, Buster decides to bust him out of jail. Cast: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Otto Lederer, Agnes Steele, Sam Lufkin, Charlie Hall, Christian Frank, Rolfe Sedan. Ollie and Stanley are two Christmas Tree sales reps who get into one of their usual mutual destruction fights with a homeowner. Hazel, another salesgirl, is Jean Harlow's first credited role. Laura La Plante stars as a bright-eyed dancer who is fired from her chorus line job, cornered by a sly womanizer and evicted from her apartment, all in a single day. Disc 3: Be reasonable (1921) () --At your service (1921) () -- Call the wagon (1923) () -- Cinderella Cinders (1920) () -- Hold still (1926) () -- A hash house fraud (1915) () -- Faro nell (1929) () -- Hollywood runaround (1932) () -- Playboy number one (1937) () This special collection of rare short films pays homage to the great American satirist Robert Benchley and two other witty literati who shared his company at the Hotel Algonquin's legendary round table and personified the sophisticated literary scene of New York in the 1920's and 1930's. Flip (1909) -- Alkali Ike's auto (1911) -- Fox-trot finesse (1915) -- A cure for pokeritis (1912) -- Be my wife (1921) -- A natural-born gambler (1916).

Special features with DVD X3948: Complete alternate version of Steamboat Bill, Jr., from the Killiam Shows Archive, comprised entirely of variant takes and camera angles ; documentary on the making of the film ; stills gallery; "Why they call him Buster," a musical montage of pratfalls and stunts ; two vintage recordings of the folk song "Steamboat Bill." 71 min. Members of a municipal band, Stanley and Oliver seem to be always following someone else's lead, rather than that of the temperamental conductor. In the depths of her despair, she is rescued by a handsome prince charming, a weathy young businessman. Hardy leaves Ollie because Stan's visit has lasted two years. Cast: Will Rogers, Irene Rich, Marguerite Churchill, Ivan Lebedeff, Owen Davis, Jr., Rex Bell, Fifi Dorsay. Contents: The witness / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1941) -- The trouble with husbands / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1940) -- The man's angle / directed by Leslie Roush ; photographed by William Steiner (1942)-- Mr. Cast: Oliver Hardy, Billy Bletcher, Victor Moore, Ben Turpin, Augustus Carney, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle, Mr. Sidney Drew, John Bunny, Flora Finch, Max Linder, Bert Williams, Harry Langdon, Billy Bevan, Andy Clyed, Keystone Kops, Mack Swain, Harry Mc Coy.

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