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After telling my friends that I’d just been to see Tron: Legacy, most of them looked blankly at me when I told them it’s actually a sequel to the 1982, Steven Lisberger directed movie with the title ‘Tron’.Back in ’82, Tron was a huge cult movie which still has a massive following although most of them were quiet until the computer game commercial director, Joseph Kosinski, created a rather fantastic promo as a proof of concept at Comic Con back in 2008. With Disney bosses overjoyed at the response, Tron: Legacy was green-lit and now, in 2010, we have the finished product.Moving on 20 years, we get to see Sam now much older and with a real attitude and a gripe against the world, blaming his father for all the misfortune he’s had in his life.Now the film really begins with a rather cool opening sequence where we see Sam infiltrating Encom for his ‘yearly visit’.The movie opens with an immensely cool sequence where the Disney Magic Kingdom is completely made out of computer ‘bits’ and immediately had me excited with what was to come.We start in the real world where Kevin Flynn (Bridges) is the owner of computer company, Encom.Flynn has made his name from creating computer games Space Paranoids and Tron (see the 1982 version for the full lowdown) and is happy in life with his son who has a bedroom kited out with Tron merchandise from the past 20 years!

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All impressive stuff but read on to find out if it deserves the title as the coolest film of 2010… It is probably fair to say that most people won’t know where the Tron franchise has come from – or that it is indeed a franchise.

We’ve all gotten used to CGI as it’s been around for quite a while now but director Joseph Kosinski knew that the visuals were key to the look of the movie.

By enlisting digital effects house, Digital Domain (founded by James Cameron and now owned by Michael Bay) he was able to not only create some of the most stunning visuals I’ve ever seen in a movie but also manage to make Jeff Bridges 20 years younger!

The Light Cycles were made famous in the original movie too with a trail of light being created wherever they go to create an extremely dangerous game which, if hit, would destroy you.

Kosinski was very clever with the set design as a lot of it was real sets and not all CGI.

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