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"We have no understanding of a relationship with this company and we have no prior knowledge of this software being on our laptops," he said.De Willebois Consulting did not respond to messages seeking comment for this story.7/25 Allah berfirman’Dibumi itu kamu HIDUP dan dibumi itu kamu mati dan dari BUMI itu kamu akan DIBANGKITKAN” ‘ kamu hidup kamu mati dan kamu akan dihidupkan kembali dalam ciptaan yang baru” ‘ Aku akan ciptakan kamu dalam keadaan yang kamu tidak ketahui” 15/24 “ sesungguhnya kami telah mengetahui orang –orang yang terdahulu daripada kamu, dan sesungguhnya kami mengetahui orang –orang yang terkemudian. SESUNGGUHNYA AKU AKAN MENJADIKAN MU imam BAGI SELURUH MANUSIA….Ibrahim berkata” dari keturunanku, ALLAH BERFIRMAN “JANJIKU TIDAK MENGENA ORANG YANG ZALIM” 20/55 “Dan kami berfirman, sesudah itu kepada Bani Israil “ Diamlah di negeri ini, maka apabila datang MASA BERBANGKIT, niscaya kamiu datangkan kamu dalam keadaan bercampur baur” Begitu juga hadith- hadith banyak memberi gambaran tentang kedatangan Isa AL Masih di sebelah timur. Dan akhir saperti disebut Isa dalam INJIL, Rasul ALLAH, yang dia panggil AHMAD , disebut sebagai the COMFORTER, CONSOLER, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, who will come and tell you ‘about sin , judgement, and truth’ dan akhir sekali segala doa ahli kitab akan berakhir dengan AMIN, which refers to MOHD.Peninsula Malaysia has 12 states which reflects the 12 tribes of Israel.Look at the book of the Revelation the sign of the Promised Land. Yes, all are now in the 2nd life as he said ” verily, verily I said unto thee except a ,man be born again thou shall not see the Kingdom of GOD”, yes we all must be born again, 2nd coming means all of you must be in the 2nd life now.IDG News Service - Samsung Electronics is investigating allegations that some models of its R Series laptops contain keylogging software that could be used to record anything typed on the laptop computers.Mohamed Hassan said he became aware of the issue last month, when he purchased a Samsung R525 at a Best Buy in Toronto.

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See everything being typed: emails, messages, documents, web pages, usernames, passwords, and more." The software can also capture screen images, the website says.

"This could be chalked up to poor thinking, or it could be illegal.

We just need more information to be able to figure out where it is on this scale."Keyloggers are commonly used by hackers to steal sensitive information including usernames and passwords from hacked computers, but de Willebois' website describes some legitimate uses for its software: monitoring children's Internet activity or recovering text in the event of a computer crash, for example.

IDG, the parent company of the IDG News Service, also publishes Network World.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Dengan nama ALLAH, pak cik buka bicara.

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