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Our Web browsing is tracked and logged, online cameras are ubiquitous in cities, and we are welcoming more Internet connected devices into our homes.

As cars, refrigerators, toys and all manner of devices connect to the Internet, the risks for both surveillance and malicious hacks are growing.Data breaches can lay bare the passwords of millions of people when the information is posted online or sold to the highest bidder.Unfortunately, breaches can go undiscovered for years, even when as many as 1 billion accounts are compromised. you may never learn the source of that identity theft that led your credit score to plunge.In November 2016, a malware program called Mirai mobilized 100,000 connected devices, including webcams and baby monitors, in a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) that briefly took down parts of the Internet.The owners of those compromised devices may never know (or care) what happened, and cheap and insecure devices will continue to be manufactured, unless safety standards, rules and accountability measures take hold.

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