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But take comfort from the fact that people may not be as hostile as you expect.

Of course, whom you tell about your hepatitis C is up to you, but there are some people who really should know.

Some ways the infection can be spread include: In the UK, most hepatitis C infections occur in people who inject drugs or have injected them in the past.

It's estimated around half of those who inject drugs have the infection. Seek medical advice if you have persistent symptoms of hepatitis C or there's a risk you're infected, even if you don't have any symptoms.

Read more about treating hepatitis C and living with hepatitis C.

If the infection is left untreated for many years, some people with hepatitis C will develop scarring of the liver (cirrhosis).

They include simeprevir, sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. Using the latest medications, up to 90% or more of people with hepatitis C may be cured.

These newer hepatitis C medications have been found to make treatment more effective. If left untreated, it can sometimes cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years.However, with modern treatments it's often possible to cure the infection, and most people with it will have a normal life expectancy.And public perceptions of people with hepatitis C may be more sympathetic than you think.The American Gastrointestinal Association conducted a survey of public understanding of hepatitis C, questioning about 500 people with the disease and about 1,230 people without it.

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