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A 26-week run may be subdivided into any series formula.

For example, if the series airs once per month, the series contract is written for six (6) shows, totaling 24 weeks.

To ensure that the community access equipment and facilities remain available and in good working order, the following rules have been established.

Any access producer or staff member may report rule violations to BMTC management.

Upon verifying that a rule violation has occurred, BMTC management will issue a written statement to the producer describing the rule violation and sanctions.

Furthermore, this mission includes dissemination of knowledge in the form of classroom training, televised courses and the widest range of educational information that given resources allow.

BMTC shall ensure that no individual is discriminated against with regard to services, information, facilities or program distribution because of race, national origin, sex, age, sexual preference, religion, physical disability, political affiliation, or economic status or the nature of their programming This section of the Rules and Procedures does not guarantee a right to any person or organization to have any program distributed over the channels governed by BMTC.

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