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I spent the bulk of the show on the phone with my brother trying to figure out the best shop to take my old junker to so I wouldn’t get ripped off again. I was relieved to see the stylist also seemed horrified, and dispensed with those immediately.So here’s what I know: the remaining three contestants, ‘s hair also looked exactly like it had before. I sense that this hair stylist perhaps only has one trick: making hair shorter. After the “makeovers,” the guys headed off to a new location: some fancy-schmancy hotel in LA.We often wonder how these people can be comfortable competing against a group of people for the affections of one individual. So I guess it’s really no surprise that there are other people like me who find it strange and uncomfortable – and finally, one of them made it through the screeners and actually got onto the tv show.It would take a lot for me to put up with knowing that the one person I have feelings for is telling me today, “Yes, I like being with you, I feel ‘a connection,'” but tomorrow is saying the same thing to the stripper who shares my pink-zebra-stripe bedroom. So anyway, back to the recap: After Today was an obscenely long day.

You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I believe my boss has a pair of those pants, in the colors of the New York Giants. Anyway, the stylist put sums it up nicely on his own: “I shop at thrift stores.” Personally, I rather like the thrift store look, with the cut off shorts and the old graphic tees. He’s made it clear that he’s tired of being around a bunch of knuckleheads who he thinks (and so do I) are not right for .I got an email about 10 minutes again from her – she apologized for the lack of notice, which is good enough for me.Fortunately, I walked in the door at home to a child who had already had dinner and done his homework, and wanted nothing more than to hug me.All right, I’ll fess up here: I didn’t watch the finale too closely.I was dealing with some car issues (as in, mine’s not working right and I was attempting to buy a new car / get the old one fixed last night).

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