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The Financial Ombudsman Service and leading lawyers Pannone are among those noticing an uptick.

Practices coming to light include cleaning out a joint savings account, spending money that was meant to pay off the mortgage, running up debts on a credit card held in the other partner's name or simply taking out more debt without telling the other one.

CCCS sometimes has to give clients a second appointment in a couple of days so they can process some of their anger before trying to concentrate on the facts again.

Ms Hamilton has frequently seen cases involving "£24,000 of nasty surprises" and upwards.

The average rating given by credit scorer Experian is "fair" (or, more precisely, 754 out of a maximum score of 999).

Since a "good" mark is only achieved with a mark of 881 or more, most people are rather lacking in the way they manage their money.

With a joint account it is easy for both partners to check that all is in order and that the mortgage payments are going out properly.

Many people will be involved with partners whose attitudes to money they do not share.

The couple of months just after Christmas have come to be seen as the busiest time for break-ups.

But Mr Susskind says that this trend is weakening as fewer people can afford to split up.

When two people apply for a loan or account together, their credit ratings get linked by credit ratings agencies.

"If your partner is really bad with money, it could knock your credit score down," says Experian spokesman James Jones.

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