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A young doctor, Ethan Haas (Nicholas D'Agosto) speaks to Bill about a new female employee in their department who is going through a divorce.

Bill tells him that he is getting support from Scully (Beau Bridges) about presenting his research to the board.

While making a speech, Bill states that he has to go.

Later, he watches through a peephole as Betty Di Mello, (Annaleigh Ashford) a prostitute who he hired, has sex with Ernie (Steve Rosen).

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Bill tells Virginia that his wife is coming in to join his cervical cap trial to help them conceive.Virginia recruits Jane (Heléne Yorke) to take part in the study.Bill convinces Scully to watch as the young woman uses a dildo (fixed with a miniature camera) and masturbates.Ethan berates Virginia for spending so much time with Bill and ignoring him.She tells him they’re just friends and while they argue, he hits her, giving her a bruise on her face.

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