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Casting of Sarah Bonrepaux as the seductive and charismatic Marit was on point.

The rest of the roles were cast in a very stereotypical horror movie kind of way, lots of pretty people: Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins and Jade Tailor included.

Employee Syd March's attempts to exploit the system backfire when they involve him in a potentially deadly mystery.

In a blackly satirical near future, a thriving industry sells celebrity illnesses to their obsessed fans.It is a minor detail but when the minor details are so flawed you know the rest of the film is going to be atrocious and it is.The acting is not great, but it also did not bother me as much as the entirety of the plot.The way characters instant message in this movie is extremely distracting.It is very inaccurate and almost as if an alien observed behavior and said 'this is how humans computer.' An example: "put yr kamra bak on'.

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