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If you have multiple cameras, it connects to the first camera listed in the output of the cam = webcam with properties: Name: 'Logitech Webcam 250' Resolution: '640x480' Available Resolutions: Exposure: -4 Gain: 253 Saturation: 32 White Balance: 8240 Exposure Mode: 'auto' Sharpness: 48 Brightness: 128 Backlight Compensation: 1 Contrast: 32 function with an index as the input argument to create the object corresponding to that index and connect it to that camera.

In order to use it, you need to have Netcam Studio Server or Netcam Studio X running on your computer and accessible over Internet.This number identifies a particular Webcam by its index number.It creates the object corresponding to that index and connects it to that camera.function with no input arguments to create the object and connect it to the first camera it finds.If you only have one camera connected to your system, it connects to that one.

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