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It is a library implementing the XML-RPC protocol, written in PHP. It is designed for ease of use, flexibility and completeness.

High speed and reduced memory footprint are not the main goals of the project.

You can see the source code here: xmlrpc server will activate on POST requests, and display its API on GET requests), and auto-generated documentation here A demo xmlrpc debugger application, built on top of this library, is active at the address query the SF demo server, or debug your own personal xmlrpc server, if it is accessible on the net.

Git Hub home page (downloads, source code and bug tracker).

Users can create, manage, and share presentations through a cloud-based Saa S system.

emaze offers a variety of presentation templates including formats using 3D animations and video backgrounds to make online presentations stand out.

Note that this is not the same library as the one that is part of PEAR.

New stable release (20170219) of Ressurection Remix for S3 Mini is available! For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!XML-RPC for PHP was originally developed by Edd Dumbill of Useful Information Company. It exposes functions that can be used for interoperability testing.As of the 1.0 stable release, the project was opened to wider involvement and moved to Source Forge. (the full code for the server is included in the CVS version of the library).Relax NG is a definitely better alternative, but there is little support in other toolkits for using it in conjunction with a WSDL file...This was a further and proactive response to the second security breach below.

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