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He tongue fucked her for a long time, seemingly getting even more excited by it.When he slipped his lips over her swollen clit and licked on it, Amy said, “Oh, he has such a good tongue; I know exactly how that feels.” She laid on her side and used one hand to rub her pussy as Roger drove Tara crazy with his tongue.“I need to talk to you about Roger’s visit to your shoe store,” Amy said. It’s really important.” Cara feared that Roger may have disclosed their sexual union to Amy and she dreaded facing her. The three of them were sitting in the living room when Amy opened the conversation and nearly blew Tara away.“Cara, Roger told me that when he was in the store that you tried to seduce him, just as I asked, and I wanted him to know that I understood if he got aroused.When Roger rolled off Tara onto his back, Amy climbed over to his side and began licking and sucking his cock clean.It wasn’t long before it became hard and stiff again, and Amy turned to Tara.

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Amy had already made herself come with her fingers by the time Roger had come.Even soft, his cock was much more than she could get in her mouth.When she began stroking the shaft and sucking on the tip, it quickly became rigid.He dropped into a slow rhythm that made Tara grab the bed sheets with her fist. Soon, Tara reached down with one hand and began rubbing her clit.Tara thought he would never come but she took advantage of her own pleasure and came. And then she felt the tidal wave of his warm cum, flooding her insides, and it aroused her even more.

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