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In such rare cases, we will promptly inform the referring veterinarian as soon as possible, and provide daily updates as needed.• We at the Animal Endocrine Clinic will always refer clients (ie, owners) back to their primary referral veterinarian after the endocrine condition has been evaluated or managed.

Once the cat or dog has been evaluated or treated at our facility, we will contact the referring veterinarian both by fax and phone to discuss our recommended future follow-up care.

After following the instructions to the letter we let Mickey out into the wilderness. We waited until the next day to try it again as it was getting dark and the camera only works in the daylight.

When he returned two hours later we whisked the camera off him and attached it to a laptop with the USB cable to find... This time we made sure the green light was flashing on the front and sent him out again.

Simply text your pet, as it were, and receive a reply with a link to a map showing you where it is.

“The main reason [people buy Pawtrax] is many owners have a cat that disappear for a long time and they want to know where it’s been,” says Pawtrax owner Peter Callaway.

Now an American company has pounced on the idea and created the Pet's Eye View Camera.

And if the flourishing pet-tracking industry is anything to go by, it seems that many of us are harbouring real suspicions of our pets’ activities.“There was one cat that kept coming back smelling of ladies’ perfume and they used our device to track it down to a neighbour’s house.”Lee Martin, a picture editor at , bought a Retrieva tracking device for his German Shorthaired Pointer, Dieter, after hearing about a spike in pet thefts in his area, but ended up using it when the dog went missing of its own accord.“I got this phone call at work from our dog walker, saying they couldn’t get Dieter back on his lead,” says Martin.“So I got the tracker up on my computer screen and saw him run off into an estate.Intent on solving one of the last mysteries on the planet – what cats do when we can’t see them – a team of experts (and television producers) fitted 50 felines with GPS tagging devices to monitor their movements around the quaint Surrey village of Shamley Green.The results of the Horizon documentary The Secret Life of the Cat revealed that, yes, cats do spend a lot of time in other people’s houses, eating food that wasn’t intended for them.

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