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Starr proposes a model of art-making and combines the baroque with the spontaneous…frame is fiction".

Starr's first video Static Steps in 1992 featured small paper figures reacting physically to "random static electricity" and added a voice-over narrating the 'steps' as if the movements were rehearsed dance steps.

Left: Dealer Andrea Rosen with writer and curator Susanna Greeves.

(Photo: Lynne Gentle) Right: Frances Morris, curator of permanent collections at Tate Modern, and art critic Louisa Buck. The show was going up in a blaze of glory, and those with vested interests stayed prudently close.

In 2011 a new score was composed by the German soprano Sigune von Osten for a live performance at The Pier Theatre in Bournemouth.

Starr was a judge for the Northern Art Prize in 2008.

Rosen held forth with London counterpart Sadie Coles; if only latecomer Maureen Paley had arrived sooner, the formidable trio could have held an impromptu power summit.An amalgamation of dream, fiction, memory and re-enactment, Starr’s work has been described in Artforum magazine as exploring "the imaginative self’s ability to make something magically complex, layered and densely referential out of virtually nothing but its own 'stuff'” She has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions, including the Tate Gallery in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Venice Biennale, and in galleries in cities throughout the world including Basel, Tokyo, Ghent, Brisbane, and Barcelona.She has been identified as a member of the second wave of Young British Artists.Whether playing a lonely teenager re-enacting a high school play, a nightclub singer with schizophrenia, a visitor from another planet, a silent movie star, a ventriloquist or psychic medium, her face and voice are always the focus, constantly changing and morphing as she performs.As David Frankel noted in Artforum, ”she seems both a familiar presence and at the same time unknowable, one multifaceted figure- she is all of them-but at the same time non-of them at all…

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