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She’s smart and completely capable of being a villain on her own, yet has this dying need to live her life for The Joker.

As Ivy says, “She sees it as passion, she sees it as love, but it’s not.

Plus: Navigating The Map Of Whore Island Looking for a hero in your life, you can think about things aspirationally. Instead, growing up, I’ve learned to love the villainesses of these books — with powers that make them an equal match to their male superhero counterparts.

It started with Poison Ivy, and just progressed from there, after which I realized I’ve felt akin to more than one super villainess at different points in my life, mostly pertaining to guys.

These are my theories on the Gotham City Sirens, and how I came about realizing that women can be each in the dating world (particularly in a burgeoning dating metropolis). She’s cold, and fights for her world (of plants — which, in our world, can be compared to selfishness).

Now of course, there are more than just the three — you’ve got Zatanna, Talia Al Ghul, and probably a plethora that have been created that I don’t even know about. Let’s not complicate comic book character theories more than they already are. Or you think about the characters that you relate to the most. I hate Wonder Woman, and Batgirl and Supergirl both suck, IMO.

Heists and heroics abound as Cats and Bats spar verbally and physically, but it’s the emotional rawness of the unleashed Catwoman that sells the story.

She needs comfort and challenge and love more viscerally than I have ever experienced on the comics page before. I can’t wait to see how Guillem March and Judd Winick walk the line between hero and villain.

This week I’ll talk about two of my favourite entries into the DCn U, both well-known if not exactly well-loved familiar faces.

Aquaman has been around almost as long as DC Comics has, first appearing in the early forties, and headlining his own titles through the fifties and sixties.

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