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That's the only way it's going to sustain itself." Kelley is looking forward to writing for the next Lady A album, as well as for other artists.In addition to Rucker's "Honey," he scored a songwriting hit with "Do I" for Luke Bryan and has penned songs with David Nail and Hunter Hayes.While the band will play a one-off date at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October, they're committed to disappearing from the daily limelight. "As a band, we've talked about wanting to get off the hamster wheel for a little bit and let the fans miss us for a second.

“I think back over the past six years of our marriage and am grateful for the time that Charles and I have had together, just the two of us,” Mc Connell Kelley says.

“I’m grateful for the adventures that we’ve been on, the places we’ve visited, the lazy days we’ve lounged away on the couch together, the late nights spent on the bus talking about our dreams over a bottle (or two! I know all of that will change once our little screaming bundle arrives, but our bond that was built during those precious moments will not.

God knows us, and he knows our marriage, and he blessed us in just the right time.” Once the new baby boy makes his entrance, their lives will certainly look different. “I want to give a special shout out to my husband, Charles, for being the most incredible human,” Mc Connell Kelley boasts.

“Before Hillary, I never really had a close girl friend to help me understand that men and women approach things differently,” Kelley admits.

“With guys, if there’s a problem, they just let it go and don’t talk about it.

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