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In contrast, his dalliance with Megan was as predictable as Old Faithful -- which is exactly why I thought it w happen.

To put it another way, I wasn't really mad at Don for sleeping with Megan, I was mad at the writers for making him do it.

"Mad Men" is not supposed to be obvious or formulaic, so when it is, it's that much more disappointing (see also: Don's diary).

I suppose that in real life, people are generally not that unpredictable --that a guy who'd sleep with one pretty secretary probably wouldn't turn down the next drop-dead gorgeous one -- but still, I felt cheated by this narrative turn.

Have the writers already run out of ways for Don to mess up?

And is getting hired to be Don’s secretary just a super-stylish version of being the drummer in "Spinal Tap"?

Just consider the competition: First, there's Don, who managed to keep it together for two whole weeks before messing up spectacularly Sunday night.

The great shock -- and therefore, the dramatic impact -- of Don's tryst with Allison was how unexpected it was.

Gripes aside, Don is now in a real pickle (that was a Heinz pun, in case you didn't catch it).

By the end of the episode, Faye retreats and helps Don get a meeting with Heinz about potential new business.

was one of the cringiest things I've seen on a television show rife with cringy things.

Like American Tobacco, Joan is not convinced by Roger's last-minute overtures.

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