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Joe is a fundamentalist Christian who infantilizes Shana.During a visit one night, Gavin and Joe discuss religion.Upon reaching home, he questions his wife about who their children's father is.The story switches to Gavin Nichols (Charlie Hunnam), an atheist, standing on a ledge as if to jump to his death.After more talks with Taylor-Johnson, the filmmakers pushing back the shooting schedule to give Hunnam more time to prepare, and the reading with his future co-star, the actor committed.

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Joe has decided that, "I'm more of an Old Testament kind of guy", but instead of killing both Gavin and Shana, only one of them has to die.

Gavin is an atheist, and he neatly picks apart Joe's born again belief system, pointing out that most of the people on Earth would go to Hell, even Catholics, if Joe's faith were correct.

Gavin points out that a Chinese child who dies in a traffic accident might never even know about Jesus, and therefore have no chance to be born again.

She tells Gavin that Joe wants them to move to Uganda to spread God's word.

Gavin and Shana spend more time with each other, and they eventually begin an affair.

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