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Her shoulder development in The Terminator set off the lean appearance of her arms and sent women to the gyms in droves seeking that look for themselves.Diane: To this day, the number one request of my female clients engaged in lifting weights is, "I want Linda Hamilton arms!Larry had very narrow shoulders and no one could have predicted that he could have developed a physique great enough to win the Mr. His narrow shoulders were hidden by massive deltoids that not only made his shoulders appear broader, but because his deltoids had such great separation from his arm, they made his arms appear even more impressive.So, what's the best strategy for developing impressive or attractive shoulders?Strong and developed shoulders will also help prevent injuries when engaged in sports, whether playing tennis, golf, swimming or skiing.

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You can look like you're in shape with sculpted shoulders even if your lower body carries more fat than it should!The bad news is that shoulder injuries are the most common injuries for active people of all ages!We must unfortunately realize that we can no longer pound these muscles two or three times a week for all they are worth.Women spend hours in the gym crunching to obtain developed abdominal muscles and lunging for tight buns and shapely legs.Men, on the other hand focus on the chest or bicep muscles.

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