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In the beginning, I asked him what his middle name was. A letter arrived for him with a middle initial on the envelope.I thought that maybe his middle name was funny and decided to do a Google search to try and find out. He said he had stupidly driven drunk and was very sorry about it.But the fact that he lied about things that clearly shaped his life made me lose trust in him.Nick had promised me that he would come to Australia at the beginning of the year. I have had to make peace with the fact that I will never know why he led me on and why he lost interest. His boss's husband was concerned she was having an affair with a worker.Most people were shocked this could happen at all–falling in love online, with someone you’d never met.I was shocked people engaged in online relationships.

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These feelings led to do something that changed the whole dynamic of our relationship.I asked him what was going on and if he was breaking up with me.He quickly denied it and said someone at his job had quit. Why would someone who used to spend hours online talking to me not have enough time to send me a quick text message? He would talk to me every few days and send me brief Facebook messages.I was literally chasing a man all the way to the other side of the world. All up, I would spend 28 hours in planes or waiting at airports, just to get to the East Coast.While I was on the plane I experienced a few different feelings. I started to think, what if I didn't like him? My plane finally landed and I made my way through security.

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