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JJ was annoyed and tried to get me to send it again.

And they could do anything with it – like post it online or send it to other people.

That makes a lot of pervy creeps – unless thousands of men are genuinely clueless about pulling.

It’s a definite possibility, so I thought it was worth putting together a guide for boys about how to approach girls, by a girl.1.

When the person being touched screams “arghhhhhhhh” and runs away to bathe in bleach, the toucher has won.

I know that some people just don’t like being touched, but even the huggiest and kissiest of us do a fair bit of involuntary sphincter scrunching when someone else’s hands take us outside our comfort zone.

If you buy someone a drink, it is polite for them to chat to you.

When he sent me a pic, I felt like I had to send him one back. " "I deleted the pic at the last minute before it sent to him.

He said I shouldn’t tell anyone that I was talking to him, that it was better as a secret. But a present shouldn't be given if it means the other person feels like they owe something in return.

And yet, in all my not-hot glory, as I made my way to the tube to fight for a woman’s right to walk along the street and not be harassed, I got harassed.

A gentleman with a good thirty years on me stopped in the street, looked at my feet, my legs, my chest, my face and back to my chest again, saying (verbatim) “Cor, you’re gorgeous, you are!

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