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There was further talk of chaining themselves to the school’s front gates.

After headmaster Eric Peterson sent a letter to alumni in April announcing that the school would hold a “Hope for Healing” event during reunion weekend to acknowledge the abuse that had taken place at the school, some survivors reacted angrily that Peterson hadn’t consulted with them beforehand.

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The failure to diligently integrate girls was visible in the athletic training room, which despite serving both boys and girls was accessible only via the boys’ locker room and was staffed by an older male trainer, Alphonse “Al” Gibbs, a small, gruff navy vet with the smashed nose of a boxer.

It was a back wrenched playing field hockey that sent 14-year-old Anne Scott to see 67-year-old Gibbs in October of 1977.

“I’ll never forget the sound of the lock clicking,” she says.

Gibbs “would start with something remotely in the guise of treatment and work up from there.

He’d change the narrative from treatment and the thing wrong with you to your developing body, as someone who was a helper, a carer of your whole body.” Before the month was over, he had raped her, and he continued to do so for nearly two years.

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