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Chatroulette, the random video-chatting site with a penis problem, just launched two new features called "Localroulette" and "Channelroulette," New Tee Vee reports.With Localroulette, you can now video-chat with users who are closer in proximity to you.Imagine those guys you knew in high school who loved to rock out in garages grew up and made it big.That’s sort of what happened when singer/guitarist Evan Andree and drummer Travis Bunn (who also plays in indie-pop band…It’s refreshing when a band is as lyrically-aggressive and musically-adventurous as San Fransisco product The Band Ice Cream.Harkening to the days of hair metal and the early ’90s punk-rock of Nirvana, the outfit are readying their long-waited debut full-length,…Additionally, children achieve a greater understanding an appreciation of their community and the world around them.

FRIENDS children gain critical literacy and developmental skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

East Nashville went West Coast last night, as cosmic troubadour Aaron Lee Tasjan, clad in his now-signature polka dots, made his solo television debut on Conan.

Playing “Little Movies” from his second LP, Silver Tears, Tasjan, along with a band…

Los Angeles-based Ryan Kattner has reinvented himself with his new solo project Honus Honus and fueled his debut LP with the chaos of LA.

Use Your Delusion is a hodgepodge of dizzying synths, quirky vocals, and genre overload. Like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry before him, Wheeler Walker Jr. But unlike your grandaddy’s heroes, this hat-wearing hillbilly is more likely to croon tunes like “Fuck You Bitch” than “Happy Trails.” His debut album, Redneck…

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