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” What it means: “You are not well informed, and it shows.” The idiom: 猫をかぶる Literal translation: “To wear a cat on one’s head.” What it means: “You’re hiding your claws and pretending to be a nice, harmless person.” The idiom: 猫の手も借りたい Literal translation: “Willing to borrow a cat’s paws.”* What it means: “You’re so busy that you’re willing to take help from anyone.” The idiom: 猫の額 Literal translation: “Cat’s forehead.” What it means: “A tiny space.Often, you use it when you’re speaking humbly about land that you own.” The idiom: 猫舌 Literal translation: “Cat tongue.” What it means: “Needing to wait until hot food cools to eat it.” *Yes, Japanese has quite a few cat idioms.” What it means: “You have no ear for music.” Other languages this idiom exists in: Our translators tell us that in Croatian, there’s also a connection made between elephants and musical ability in the phrase, “You sing like an elephant farted in your ear (Pjevaš kao da ti je slon prdnuo u uho.).” But in the Latvian version, it’s a bear who stomps on your ear. Literal translation: “It’s a roll with butter.” What it means: “It’s really easy.” The idiom: Z choinki się urwałaś?Literal translation: “Did you fall from a Christmas tree?Hi there, I am an overseas Chinese girl who is looking for a decent guy in his 40's or early 50's.Ideally, you enjoy spending time together with your partner, either exploring HK or simply watching movies at home.Let's get connected if this sounds true for you. Would like to start a friendship first and see how fate will lead us. and I'll send mine to make sure we're both real persons;).Send Message Ref ID:45663e52-8b28-4276-ad02-6a35044c456d I am a local born HK Chinese, Sweet with pleasant outlook. No spam, no games, no ads please Thanks, Send Message Ref ID:bfa9de37-ef8a-4722-876d-07710ac273c1 Hi am Asian lady 3x am professional in Hong Kong right now until 24 march for travel business , cone to Hong Kong 5-6 time years , I hc not much friends here , would like to meet friends for drink outside of work time , we can catch up talk anything am open minded person , drop me message here if you interested to meet up .

Literal translation: “To swallow grass snakes.” What it means: “It means being so insulted that you’re not able to reply.” The idiom: Sauter du coq à l’âne.

Her first work was a green sweater for her son when he was two or three, which took a week to create.

Recently, her granddaughter wanted to buy 700 Yuan (£68) jumper, but after touching it Li was able to knit her the same style at a fraction of the cost.

It means doing something hastily.” The idiom: Iets voor een appel en een ei kopen Literal translation: “Buying something for an apple and an egg.” What it means: “It means you bought it very cheaply.” Other language connections: Spanish translator Camille Martínez points out out that when something is expensive in English, you pay two body parts for it (“it cost me an arm and a leg”), whereas in Spanish you only pay one — either a kidney (“me costó un riñón”) or an eye (“me costó un ojo de la cara”).

The idiom: 똥 묻은 개가 겨 묻은 개 나무란다 Literal translation: “A dog with feces scolds a dog with husks of grain.” What it means: “It’s a bit like, ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’” The idiom: 오십보 백보 Literal translation: “50 steps are similar to 100 steps.” What it means: “I think of it as, ‘Six of one, half a dozen of the other.’” What are your favorite idioms?

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