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It’s complicated, says Dr Gayle Brewer, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire.Such labels can be a useful way to behaviour that we find inappropriate or hurtful, she told “The person on the receiving end may believe that they are at fault and unnecessarily question what they have said or done.for VH1 and it wouldn't look good if one of their “stars” was in the clink.This photo says to me, “hey, I messed up, but basically I am still a good person if someone will help me.” It looks like there may have been some crying mixed with the Visene.Babel won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama.Dreamgirls won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and the Satellite Award for Best Film – Musical or Comedy.His star is so high – worldwide – that coming out publicly would mean, at least for a time, people (gay and straight) would laugh at the site of him kissing a starlet on the big screen. The main reason why gay male actors of such a high profile do not come out is not that they are embarrassed about being gay. If you’re good looking, and a male celebrity, or a very famous female celebrity, the rumors about the possibility that you’re gay begin faster than you can say Dorothy. We’ve coined the term fauxmance for the celebrities whose publicists pay US Weekly to do stories about their ‘straight’ romances; Leonardo Di Caprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Timerblake (who even went so far as to get married), among the many, all of whom we either know are gay or have been told by reliable sources are gay.Knowing that he preferred the same sex, yet seeing him kissing and copulating on screen with the opposite, would make many people in the world heads spin. It’s the fact that worldwide audiences – and the majority of the movie box office receipts comes from overseas, where (in some countries) being gay is still cause for execution – might not ‘believe’ their acting on the big screen if it involved the kissing or having sex with a woman. If you’re very good looking, male and single, with no history of ever having dated a woman – or at least not since high school – you might as well admit it. CONFIRMED = Outed themself or have been publicly outed by various news organizations and/or by more than three other high profile Hollywood publicists or executives to Wild About Movies publisher, Tim Nasson! Because, for the most part, with the exception of Leonardo Di Caprio, (whom many high powered executives in Hollywood have confirmed, off the record, is gay, and his highly public romances with supermodels are for just that, appearances), virtually everyone on the above list has a profile on the most popular movie website in the world, com, created by their publicists or it is something that they created on their own.

Cars won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Edgar Hoover (late, self-loathing homosexual) Jane Lynch Jann Wenner Joel Grey John Cameron Mitchell John Waters Johnny Mathis Kathy Najimy Lee Daniels Leonard Bernstein (late) Lily Tomlin Linda Hunt Liza Minnelli Malcolm Forbes (late) Marc Cherry Mark O’Donnell (late) Matt Drudge Melissa Etheridge Meredith Baxter-Birney Nancy Kulp Paul Bowles (late) Pete Postlethwaite (late) Peter Allen (who was married to lez, Liza Minnelli) (late) Rachel Maddow Ralph Waldo Emerson (late) Rip Taylor Robert Hegyes (late) Ron Palillo (late) Rupert Everett Ryan Murphy Sam Champion Simon Callow Tab Hunter Tim Gunn Tim Nasson TR Knight Trevor Moretz (Born in 1986, older brother of Chloe Moretz) Wanda Sykes Wilson Cruz It used to be a Hollywood sin, especially if you were an A-list male celebrity, to be gay, to come out of the closet.

Girls, the majority of them straight, paid big money to see male movie stars, such as the late James Dean and Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, all confirmed gays, kiss their on-screen (female) counterparts.

And the WHO CARES list of confirmed living and dead homosexuals! Girls, who spend billions of dollars each year, worldwide, on movie tickets and Blu-Rays and DVDS, still expect to see Taylor Lautner, (a confirmed gay, from numerous Hollywood insiders), kiss a girl – and like it, but if he were to kiss a boy in his own house, behind closed doors, perhaps they wouldn’t really care? However, if you’re Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Cruise, John Travolta or George Clooney, and 60% of your movie’s revenue comes from overseas, where in some countries being gay is cause for being stoned to death, your studio, publicist, manager and hangers-on don’t want you to admit to your sexual proclivities. Because the bottom line is if people in China and other parts of Asia, as well as the Middle East, who make up a significant amount of a movie’s box office gross, know you’re gay they most likely won’t go to see your movies, which, in turn, would put a huge dent in the overall gross of said movie. While the lists on this page include just a portion of the ‘out’ gay celebrities, (or celebrities that Tim Nasson knows for a fact to not be straight), it is hardly comprehensive.

Adam Shankmam Alvin Ailey (late) Andy Dick Barney Frank Billie Jean King Bret Easton Ellis Charles Nelson Reilly (late) Christopher Rice Clay Aiken Danny Pintauro David Bowie David Brudnoy (late) David Sedaris Denholm Elliott (late) Edward Albee (late) Elton John (she is grandma to all the gays) George Takei Greta Garbo (late) Guillermo Diaz Herb Ritts (late) J. It wasn’t too long ago that there were people in the world who actually thought Clay Aiken was straight. There were also some believed that Anderson Cooper was straight. Most of the names on the lists, Clay Aiken not withstanding, would have raised a few eyebrows even five years ago.

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