Christian separated and dating

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They aren't going to help you salvage your marriage. Divorce mode effectively kills the chance of working out the problems, but separation leaves all of that out and can actually be very beneficial.

It can get everyone's attention and help to bring things to a positive turning point.

Lisa believes this seminar provided the remedy her marriage desperately needed.

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Praise be to God that his ways are not our ways." "There are two objectives for the seminar," explains Dr.Here is one of the reasons why clicking into "divorce mode" is so problematic and destructive: it creates instantaneous war. During separation you are still in the frame of mind to solve issues and work at making things better. Once you hit that mark, the whole thing takes on a life of its own.Now you are no longer considering what you can do to save your marriage; you are in the mentality of "kill or be killed" and "take or be taken".Better that couples separate while they still care. His take on marriage issues is refreshingly free of both churchy and psychological lingo.Mark is pastor of Celebration Church in Green Bay, WI.

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