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"We very much believe in the second-screen type of show," he says."That's a TV- and internet-based show where there's a meeting of both, so it's not purely a game show delivered either streaming or on TV, but with more live interaction, which has always been a problem in the U. because of time zones." And Bailey sees implications in the current 360-degree video and VR renaissance."Everybody could sit down with their producers and directors at the same time and realize, 'Well, we need a camera here, but there's a wall in the way' before everyone turns up on set." Maybe one day this style of previsualization will become de rigeur for any new program concept, but for now, Bailey says, Sideshow's approach favors quality over quantity."We don't churn out tons of sizzle reels to go out and pitch," he says."We can obviously put a 360-degree camera into these 3D environments, allowing a viewer to experience the set design of a show in VR 360," he explains.

Meanwhile, author Alan White joked: “I’m watching That Dog Can Dance!With VR and 360, we can do that — and that has raised a lot of eyebrows." Asked whether that means we could see new game shows that are designed to be experienced by viewers in 360 video, from a vantage point inside the show itself, Bailey demurs, calling that kind of show "a very different animal." For now, Sideshow is using 360 specifically for pitching shows, especially in cases where it's difficult to imagine how a physical location will be modified to allow a specific production to take place."I have friends in scripted dramas and sitcoms who say this woudl be an incredibly powerful tool for an international production," he says, saving them the time and expense of making changes to a set once the entire crew has arrived to check out the location.That's where the virtual pilot, a sales tool championed by Santa Monica's Sideshow Studios, comes into play.It's a way to allow stakeholders to clearly imagine the look of a finished program before they've ordered it to production, and a way to flesh out lucrative concepts for content-hungry dealmakers.

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