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Teens who live in a household with smokers have an 83 percent greater likelihood of developing hearing loss in the lowest and highest frequencies than teens in homes with no smokers, according to a study published last week in the Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.

The study’s authors, from New York University Lagone Medical Center, noted that teens are not routinely screened for hearing loss but that the finding may now warrant screening for those who are exposed to secondhand smoke.“Health care providers should add SHS exposure to the list of risk factors for hearing loss and refer these young adults for complete audiologic evaluation to identify early hearing loss,’’ the researchers wrote, given that 82 percent of the study participants with hearing loss didn’t recognize that they were having difficulty hearing.

They marched on their chubby legs and chubby feet and chubbed their chubbs and looked around and chubbed their chubbs again.

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But researchers from the National Institute on Aging have now found that personality plays a hefty role, too, in terms of weight changes over the decades.

They performed regular body-mass index measurements and personality questionnaires on nearly 1,800 participants who volunteered to take part in the ongoing Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging and found that two traits - impulsivity and conscientiousness - played the strongest role in determining mid-life weight gain.

This article first appeared in Computer magazine and is brought to you by Info Q & IEEE Computer Society.

The CAP theorem asserts that any net­worked shared-data system can have only two of three desirable properties.

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