Civ v not updating dating service directories central

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I won a militaristic victory on level Prince(4), small map, standard game.I did not get my steam achievement for this victory, Scourge of Everyone.All Achievements should unlock the moment you earn them.I have about 65% of all Achievements and never encountered one that is not unlockable before you have unlocked a different one.I primarily play on Mac, but I believe I've seen this issue when booted into Windows as well.A game of Civilization lasts long enough, and is easy enough to walk away from without saving, that I often put my computer into standby dozens of times during a game, and so I think there's a decent chance you might be doing the same, and experiencing this problem.I loaded up my previous saves yesterday and got all the missing achievements.This site tracks pre-release information about games in the Civilization series. Because I'm not sane -- I enjoy playing "intelligence analyst" trying to parse data out of screenshots and assembling a coherent picture of the game.

Edit: this was a temporary bug that was fixed in an update about a month or two after this discussion.

I was searching for this question/answer but none of the above helped me out.

I found that if you don't have BNW installed the victory achievements will not work (probably because they changed some victory conditions).

The above response has not been applicable for years!

The reason why you may not be receiving the achievements, aside from perhaps not unlocking them fully, is that they are not awarded whenever you have a mod enabled and most (if not all) achievements will not unlock if you are playing a multiplayer game.

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