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The Washingtonian is a five-time National Magazine Award winner for its reporting and writing., the online extension of the magazine, helps hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors explore and live in the nation’s capital.From planning a night out on the town to locating the best pediatrician or lining up a new hairstylist, is the region’s premier destination for lifestyle information.The decision to step down may be driven by more than a need for education, but time will reveal whether that is the ! Yet there seems to be a handful of men with consciences sufficiently seared that are willing to make the trek to Louisville. My guess is Holland has a burning desire to become one of the big name celebrities – you can detect it in his tweets and the conferences he organizes and speaks at. It seems nobody has gotten the word out to Rick Holland though, and he apparently is not bright enough to figure it out.There is now such a preponderance of evidence in this case that any individual with a lick of common sense would rightly wonder how a “man of God” could, with a clear conscience, accept an invitation to preach at C. Being a friend of Mahaney’s used to propel one to celebrity status on the conference circuit. Celebrities like Mark Dever, Al Mohler, John Piper and John Mac Arthur all used to be vocal supporters of Mahaney, but even though they have never retracted their endorsements of the man, they seem to be doing all they can to distance themselves from him, at least publicly.We are all called upon to protect the young, and I will never understand how so many Baptist leaders can close their ears to that calling.” -Christa Brown, “This Little Light: Beyond A Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang,” pages 218-21 It came as no surprise that Mahaney was kept as a speaker at Holland’s conference. A master at flattery, as I have documented elsewhere, Mahaney is in fine form: Fast forward nine months and Rick Holland is letting the world know, via his social media accounts, that he will be a featured speaker at one of the seemingly endless conferences sponsored by the gospel glitterati, this one to be held at Boyce College, the college closely tied to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.Listen to this glowing report of Mahaney by Holland in a promo for the conference: The above recording can was taken from the video below, starting at the mark. Holland seems proud, I guess justifiably, that he will be sharing the stage with Al Mohler. Oh, and in case you are wondering if Mahaney really did not know anything, let me present a few items from individuals who actually do have integrity.I can understand that as one of five pastors for a congregation of about 80 a guy can get worn out attempting to keep up with all the work, so roping a guest speaker to address your church on Sunday morning provides a much needed respite from the weekly grind of preparing a sermon. Don’t think twice about those you are stepping on as you climb to the top. They actually paid hush money to a pastor whose son was sexually abused by the son of another pastor. The money was paid to keep the father of the abused boy from joining the class action lawsuit against SGM.

Thank God for non-Baptists and non-believers.”…Besides, to the extent I feel something akin to a “calling,” it is a calling that comes with the mere fact of being human. In fact, it is a calling that sounds for every mother, every parent, and every adult. Here are the opening comments from Mahaney at his speech at the Anchored Conference. If you have been reading my blog you will know that C. Mahaney was the leader of Sovereign Grace Ministries during the time period that SGM leadership was doing their best to cover-up a purportedly large scandal of sexual abuse of children in their churches.Included is the conviction and sentencing to 40 years in prison of Nathaniel Morales.Harris has since resigned from his position of senior pastor at Covenant Life Church.He decided after 11 years of service it might be wise to get an education. He may say he is standing up for his friend, but I would suggest a true friend of Mahaney’s would advise him to resign from the ministry.

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