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But I found she’s very challenging as a person for me to play because we’re not massively similar — vocally, physically, and she’s very in a control, stoic person. and be allowed to grieve and behave badly and come to terms with what happens.

I had lots and lots of help from production, with a voice coach and watched lots of footage. The rest of it, I relied on Peter Morgan, really, and went with what was in the scripts. The things that surprised me the most was how important her marriage and family were to her. You also had fantastic scenes with John Lithgow, who played Winston Churchill.

I felt like I wasn’t John anymore, and much closer to Winston than I was before.”To nail the character, Lithgow read Churchill’s biography and studied as many video and audio clips as he could find.“Churchill had so many qualities.

He was tremendously temperamental, but he was also sentimental and morose.

That was my idea—to give me his nasal voice,” Lithgow said.

“You do all those mechanical things, and it immediately transformed me.

And with good reason: Her performance in the drama, which debuts Nov. For her to be having problems between what she has to do, which she’s never not going to do, she’s such a duty-bound person, but then there’s her relationship to the people that she loves, which are the things she has to sacrifice, which is an awful position to be put in, really. And then her brand-new marriage gets tested, as her husband gets asked to walk two steps behind her. I think she’d much it rather it be the other way around. We both were quite open and (though) Oh God, how are we going to do this.

4, has won critical acclaim, with Variety’s Maureen Ryan calling out the depth and specificity of her characterization, as she charts the moral center at the heart of creator Peter Morgan’s series. I felt like it was the entire family that I found really interesting and the death of her father was like a bomb going off in this family. It just so happens they were the most famous family in the world. It all happened to her at such a young age, given her father’s death when she was just 25. I don’t think the kind of man she married was the kind of man who would do that willingly. How did you build your chemistry with Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip?

Foy tells she credits Morgan’s famously well-researched scripts, but also that she did her own extensive homework, finding her way into the character through her voice, as well as the support of her castmates, notably Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and John Lithgow (Winston Churchill). And she suddenly had the most important job in the world. That’s the time when you should be allowed to be sad and not be ashamed of it. It affected [her sister] Margaret and the Queen Mother and Philip. It means that someone else has to step up to the plate.

He was very funny and witty, but had a deeply depressive side,” said Lithgow.

“You take all those qualities, and you stir in lots and lots of liquor and cigar smoke, and you get Churchill.”A car fit for a king!

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