Collegehumor dating a noob

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This is a video about the problems associated with dating a World of Warcraft n00b when you come from a L337 family.Namely, that your parents won't approve of the relationship.

Show french gaming experience and increase your chances of being the making.

It's come to this: the new dating discrimination is based on a potential suitor's gaming hardcore-ness.

That's what this hilariously geeky video from College Humor would have you believe anyway — a girl brings her n00b boyfriend home to her patrician l33t parents and geek intolerance ensues over her less-than-ideal choice.

Other than her contribution in writing/acting in CH Originals, Sarah also writes a weekly feature Pop Culture Cliffs Notes and countless articles.

Sarah left College Humor in 2012 when she was hired fulltime for Saturday Night Live, but briefly returned for a cameo in 2013's All-Nighter: Too Phantom Too Furious alongside David Young.

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