Command qsave updating indexes for block model space

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The space for its data is allocated at run time rather than at compile time.

On entry to each routine containing a declaration of the dynamic common block, a check is performed to see whether space for the common block has been allocated.

The same is true if both are on the coprocessor side.

But if you change the allocation routine on the host, it won't be changed on the coprocessor and vice versa.

Conceptually, a reducer is a variable that can be safely used by multiple strands running in parallel.

The runtime ensures that each worker has access to a private copy of the variable, eliminating the possibility of races without requiring locks.

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Reducers address the problem of computing a value by incrementally updating a variable in parallel code without data races on that variable.

However, they will not work across the boundary between a host CPU and an Intel® MIC Architecture coprocessor.

For example, if you use in the host-side code, it will work on COMMON allocations in other host-side code.

You must then rebuild the entire index or, for a global index, each of its partitions.

The database lets you override this default behavior if you specify statement for the maintenance operation.

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