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Women, and especially attractive women, don'tlike the idea that another woman is getting moreattention than her.

And women can tell veryquickly if another woman is more attractive, this leads to "Dam looks", negative comments,and other amazing displays.

The fact is that women don't like to competewith each other on the football field, theycompete to be the most attractive.

Men could really care less what a woman iswearing or how she's dressed for the most part.

I mean, you're like a goddess, areyou a model or an actress?

As it happens, I have lived in Southern California for a few years (San Diego and Los Angeles).

He said, "Women don't dress up for men, theydress up for each other." I was stunned.

I couldn't understand the logic behind this forthe life of me.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as youread my commentary on this letter and thesedifferent topics: A) We humans (and I'm talking about women inparticular here) don't always REALIZE what we REALLY want.

B) We humans don't like to admit what's REALLYgoing on inside of us, because it can beirrational and illogical.

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